Monday, April 19, 2010

Hottest School Bag Styles for Kids

School book bags are carried by children of all grade levels throughout the school year. There are some that are small backpack school bag and some that are much larger. Some have seen rough treatment from their carriers and others have been left in good condition. This may be a result of the type of material that the school bag is made of and its durability. Therefore, if you are purchasing a school messenger bag, it is best to find one that will last the child for a long time. Check to make sure that the shoulder straps have good padding and are wide enough to give the child back support.

Your child may want a new plush school bag when starting the school year because he or she may want to be a part of the trend. However, don’t be persuaded by your child to buy only because a school bag style is hot. There are other things that you need to consider. Luckily, there is a wide variety of school bag pack to choose from when it comes to color, style, trend, price and durability. When making an allowance for the style, it is suggested that the best backpacks for children are those that can evenly distribute weight on the child’s back. It is also advised that parents consider buying the backpack with wheels that is two in one.

This will help to ease the burden of always just dragging the kids backpack with wheels. You should pay close attention to the weight of wheels and its handles. There are some that are very heavy. A child should not carry more than ten percent of his or her body weight. It is best to select a kids rolling backpack that is made of either vinyl or nylon. This will make it easier to clean and if it rains, the things inside the book bag will not get wet.

Here are some of the hottest school bag styles that parents can use as their source of information as it relates to purchasing a good back to school messenger bag:

1. First is the classic style of backpack. This is the one that has a big compartment that can hold text books as well as lunch boxes. It also has a small compartment that can fit pens and other small objects. It has well padded straps for added comfort and even distribution of weight.

2. The school messenger bag is generally made of leather or cloth. It is a one should strap that can be worn across the chest and resting on the lower back. It is one of those contemporary and trendy types of school bags. The design is also trendy and the price is economical. However, this type of school bag pack is usually carried by high school goers who want to fit in with the urban style.

3. The shoulder bag is similar to the school messenger bag. However, the shoulder bag is as it is described. The child carries it over one shoulder and it is suited for carrying books. This kind of school bag is carried by both genders, which makes it more flexible.

4. Laptop bags are becoming the biggest craze especially for college and high school kids. Usually, you will find that a laptop bag is used to carry a laptop, but recently many are using it for similar functionality as the back to school messenger bag. It is easy to carry and can be carried over one shoulder or across the chest.

It will be the delight of your child to have a book bag that is modern, but yet is durable and lasting.

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